Traditions and luxury, power and elegance

Nobiskrug is one of the company that can boast a more than a 100-year history, which helps to build yachts with traditionally high quality of German naval engineering and maintenance, add to that original new designs and huge number of fans all over the world.

At the very beginning, the company used to make navy and industrial vessels, because of the great demand for those type of ships at that time. By 2000, Nobiskrug’s management has felt that the market demanded luxurious, powerful and fast yachts. Around the same time, the first 92m stylish luxury yacht “Tatoosh” comes off the Nobiskrug’s warf. Customers have approved and appreciated the giant at once.

A couple of years later designers and engineers created a 73m yacht “Siren”, which up to this date, still occupies top lines on the world’s best yachts’s list in luxury, quality and technological achievement categories. Another 74m beauty “Mogambo”, in 2013, became “The Best Motor Yacht” in 1300GT and higher category.

Nobiskrug is very strict with the personnel competence training at every working station, throughout the entire manufacturing process. That and the huge technological capabilities let the company build mega-yachts that answer customers’ toughest demands. Here you have your luxury cabins, helipads, multiple decks, pools, etc. These yachts become image items that back the important status of its owners and never cease to be in style.

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