NONSUCH - the incomparable sailboats

NONSUCH is a series of sailboats built in Ontario, USA. The boats were created during the period between 1978 and 1990. The cruising ships have been developed in the mid 70s. The first 30-foot sailboat was designed by Mark Ellis. In 1978 it was built. Later, there were other modifications of this boat with the length of 22, 26, 33 and 36 feet. In total they built 975 NONSUCH boats.

These are the original vessels, each of the sailing ships has its own peculiarities. Today, these cruising boats worth its weight in gold - they appeared at a time when the best boats were built, and the company experimented with the materials and designs, looking for a solution of the existing problems in yacht building.

Today you can buy the sailboats of NONSUCH ("Peerless") only at the brokers. Sometimes they are put up for sale by the owners. The vessels are in excellent condition. These sailboats are owned by the yachtsmen in Europe, particularly in England. There are the owners in Canada and the United States.

Prior to selling the sailboats are modernized, they are usually a little bit upgraded because the original technical components are in excellent condition. The boating equipment is changed to the modern one, but some older units that are put the imprint of the era on the yachts are left.

The manufacturer of these vessels does no not produce the yachts anymore, but the sailboats still continue to surf the seas. Some models are regularly participating in regattas.

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