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Humbleness and efficiency with invariably high quality

Nordic Tug Company was founded in 1979 in the USA. That was the time when the country and the whole world struggled with the consequences of the fuel crisis. The main criteria for new trawlers stylized as tugs at that time was the fuel economy. And up to this day, Nordic tugs trawlers and cruisers are still standing out for its efficiency and reliability.

What exactly makes Nordic Tug trawlers so different from many other same type boats all over the world? The company makes durable, charismatic trawlers that look like tugs. There is a 10-year hull warranty, which frees the owner of any concerns during the voyage. In its 35 year history, the company has built 800 vessels. Every one of them, humble exterior notwithstanding, answer the high standards of quality, comfort, safety and fuel economy. Many of the boats were tested in stern environments and difficult situations and have proven to correspond to the high performance specifications declared by the manufacturer.

Customers can pick and choose a vessel according to their requirements: for inland, open sea or combined type of voyages. Cruise motor yachts from Nordic Tugs are the industry’s quality standard measure.

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