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Northcoast Yachts – Rolls-Royce of the sea!

In 2003, Stephen Yadvish, the owner of “Yadvish Marine”, has purchased the Northcoast assets and started the company all over again. Its name became “Northcoast Yachts” and the manufacturing focused on the premium class yachts. The new owner sincerely said about his company: “Everything had been in place here: the yard, the press-forms, the reputation and even the manpower. I knew that we could build beautiful yachts here, some sort of floating Rolls-Royce”.

By that time, Yadvish already had experience designing and building mega-yachts, so the business went uphill. The company’s target became large and technologically advanced motor yachts, boats and cruisers. By 2006, there already were 6 yachts made, the counterparts of the 1985 and the 1987 models.

Norhcoast designer, Paul Friedrichson explained, that the company had upgraded the classic American dream-yacht construction in several years’ span. Its design meant to symbolize the ideas of stability and long-time investment in such projects, hence the choice of the classic forms. As a result, they have gotten something that 1997 or older yachts looked like, but using the latest materials and technologies.

Recently, the manufacturer finished building the 125-ft. motor yacht. In the nearest future, they plan to be able to manufacture up to four 130-ft. yachts under one roof at the same time.

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