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NORTHERN MARINE is a real legend, born in the USA. Classical expedition yachts, created for journeys in the extreme conditions, they will be ideal for an owner, craving for voyages and adventures.

Genuine American Quality – that would the description for the Northern Marine vessels. The company, despite the latest traditions to outsource the production abroad, provides full manufacturing cycle within the home borders.

NORTHERN MARINE yachts will successfully cover any distances and serve its owner anywhere – Mediterranean Sea, Pacific Ocean, including the shores of Alaska. To own such vessel would mean getting an unrestricted access to any harbors of the world, get ready for discoveries!

The yachts are built using the latest technologies, making the hulls and the matrix durable to the extreme forces, protected the owner during the cruelest of the storms.

Each NORTHERN MARINE yacht is a real event. Expedition yachts and mega yachts, following the strictest international standards are widely popular beyond the American borders: you can meet them in England, by the shores of Africa, New Zealand and even in the harshest waters of Arctic Ocean.

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