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The Turkish shipyard NUMARINE was founded by Omer Malaz. Today, the founder is still running his project. The shipyard is building not just the boats - these are the vessels that are designed for long stay on board. According to the founder of the company, he always felt himself uncomfortable being on board of various yachts. There was not enough comfort, supplies and benefits of civilization.

That is why he decided to create his own boats. The boats built at the NUMARINE shipyard do not have the drawbacks described above. On any of the ships you can go on a long voyage, and you do not have to constantly look for the coastline to replenish supplies or take a break from the harsh marine life.

The time spent with friends or family on board of the NUMARINE yacht, will be unforgettable. Only in the sea on your own boat, you can be alone and be away from everybody. The yacht is a quiet island of comfort in an unlimited expanse of sea. Here, no one can prevent you from enjoying the calmness or to arrange a noisy party.

The yachts are made of durable materials, the manufacturer can guarantee the safety of the owners. While arranging a party with friends or going on a single trip, you should not worry about anything. Everything has been already provided. Even the nature disaster will not prevent you to have fun and come to the destination. The NUMARINE shipyard is building both the serial ships and custom-made boats. But all the projects of this company are practical and have high level of comfort.

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