Nuvari - the American boats with the Italian design

Nuvari is a range of yachts created by the American shipyard Carver Yachts in collaboration with the designer agency Nuvolari & Lenard. The American company wanted to produce the yachts with an Italian design. As a result, the company decided to seek help from the professionals - the experts from Nuvolari & Lenard. The result of cooperation was the excellent cruisers with trim board that have the American reliability and practicality and the Italian luxury design.

The shipyard used aluminum and steel for the yacht construction - it made the boats very safe and durable. They are not afraid of any vagaries of the nature. The Italian design bureau has considered the structure of ships and the external design. The internal part, interiors were also developed by the Italian experts.

The boats of Nuvari series have a higher level of comfort. The ships comply with the technical standards adopted in the United States. If the company decided to just order a series of boats in Italy, it is unlikely to be able to get a boat that fully comply with the US standards. Only careful monitoring and attention to details make it possible to obtain such high quality of the vessels.

Every ship of the new series was a real work of art. The interior finishing is superior in beauty and elegance to the interiors in respectable houses. The rooms have adjustable furniture that will be useful for any person. The exterior design is striking with its brevity and indescribable charm. Every detail is in place. You do not want to change anything in these boats, because perfection does not need elaboration.

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