Ocean Yachts

An Ode to the Sport Fishing Fans

When it first appeared in 1977, the Ocean Yachts company has quickly gained popularity as a quality sport fishing motor yachts manufacturer. Today it’s the best yacht building company in its class – motor boats ranging from 40ft to 73ft long, made primarily for fishing.

Ocean Yachts practices an unusual approach to the job. Having taken the niche between serial and individual manufacturing, the company does not only provide fast execution of the orders, economically justifiable at the same time, but it also satisfies all of the clients’ needs. Special yacht building technologies allow minimizing the time of construction and its cost, at the same time ideally matching the yacht to the customer’s order.

Needless to say, that the yard produces serial models as well, not shying away from mega yacht projects, that take more time and effort, but exactly this kind of approach has become a certain flair of this brand.

Ocean Yachts – is a combination of innovations and traditional family business. It is high speed of production and individual approach. At last, it is the company that makes some of the best offshore sport fishing boats. This fact alone has contributed to the company’s main success.

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