Oceanco Yachts - the synergy of quality and ecology

Oceanco Yacht Company is a world known manufacturer of elite yachts. It was founded in 1990 and has already earned leading positions in technical outfitting among all of the world’s yacht manufacturers.

Oceanco carries out all types of work involved in the yacht making process, from yacht design to the very assembly at the company’s production plants in Holland. Besides their own design studio, the company often cooperates with leading yacht design specialists. The clients have an opportunity to order a yacht, in an already existing design, that has proven efficient and has earned a favorable reputation by other owners or they can order a completely new custom built model, created according to the client’s wildest dreams. In any case, the yachts built are the ones that comply with the latest safety codes and regulations and very often exceed the customers’ expectations.

Being a member of the Seakeepers Society, the Oceanco Company always makes sure that their yachts are made as environment-friendly as possible, using the most biologically safe materials and equipment. In addition, all of the yachts are equipped with water-pollution control systems.

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