OCEANFAST - the luxury yachts made of aluminum

OCEANFAST is producing the aluminum motor super- and megayachts with a length from 36 to 48 meters. The company is located in Western Australia, in Henderson. The shipyard uses only the traditional and time-tested materials to offer the customer the safe vessels for navigation on the high seas. The boats are designed for leisure and traveling. Having gone on a long voyage on any of the yachts under the brand, the owner should not worry about anything. There is everything on board for him.

The shipyard is building the luxury yachts. Once having been on this ship, you will not want to buy something else. The vessels are distinguished with the respectable finishing and exclusive design. Every detail of the boat is in place. The manufacturer has taken care of the little things that can be very important during the voyage. The yacht navigation is performed using the latest equipment, but the control system can be mastered even by the novice.

The Australian shipyard is focused on the US market - a lot of Americans appreciate these yachts. However, the customers of the shipyard are also the Australians, European citizens and wealthy buyers from Asia.

The boats made of aluminum and steel withstand the most severe challenges and come out of them with dignity. They can be used for decades without losing their operational properties and performance. Having purchased a yacht, you can relax and enjoy the trip or a party on board.

The boats are equipped with modern systems, including the stabilization system that dampens vibrations from rocking.

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