OUTERBANKS BOATWORKS - the boats with a central console from the USA

OUTERBANKS BOATWORKS is one of the companies well-known on the American market engaged in the production of fishing and pleasure boats with a central console. The shipyard designs and creates the custom boats intended for the coastal area. Most yachts are made of modern materials.

The major customers of the manufacturer are the people enthusiastic about the sport fishing and charmed with the beauty of the sea. The buyers highly appreciate the original design of the custom boats built at the shipyard. Some of the customers have referred to the yard several times, having bought the second or third boat.

The manufacturer enhances the boat hulls with Kevlar, so that they can withstand the most severe challenges. Such boats are not afraid of reefs and rocks - they can withstand any shocks. The yachts always look as if they had just been launched. Fiberglass that is used as one of the basic materials for the construction of ships, provides the yachts with durability.

The length of the many boats under the OUTERBANKS BOATWORKS brand does not exceed 10 meters. The yachts have the installed Yamaha engines that are operating not only with the liquid fuel, but also with gas. It is very convenient: the owner can quickly switch to a more cost efficient gas.

The design of these boats is typically American, but there is something Italian in the form of the hull. The thing is that the company is working with the Italian designers and constructors. It is due to this collaboration that the manufacturer produces the attractive boats that are charming at first sight.

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