PACEMAKER - at the beginnings of the new yacht building

PACEMAKER is an Amedican shipyard with a very complicated history. This company has left its mark in the shipbuilding industry, releasing a lot of motor boats made of fiberglass in the middle of the last century. The company was founded when the boats were just made of more traditional materials: steel, aluminum and wood.

In the 50s the company merged with Egg Harbor - the shipyard that worked according to the individual orders in the high price segment. PACEMAKER continued to work in the middle price segment, producing a large number of motor yachts and Egg Harbor focused on the cruising and fishing boats.

Closer to the 60s the two companies began to build the fiberglass boats, abandoning the traditional wood. This provided the shipyards with success and fame. PACEMAKER was able to increase the volume of produced ships and even expand the scope of sales. The company was doing well, because the demand for such vessels was increased. New technology brought other possibilities. For example, the yachts became more durable.

In 1965 the company became the property of Fuqua Industries, and then it was bought by Mission Marine & Associates in 1976. In 1979, the owner of the shipyards faced the financial difficulties, and the companies were closed. Today the PACEMAKER shipyard does not exist, but the shipbuilding organization left a huge legacy. The owners of the boats under the brand are organizing the communities, communicating and sharing the useful information.

The PACEMAKER vessels can be purchased directly from the owners through one of the resources dedicated to the boats under the brand or through the brokers.

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