The yachts made for world cruises

In 1955, PACIFIC MARINER used to be merely a new line of yachts, developed by the Westport Company. Today it is a well-known and familiar brand. Mostly it was made possible due to the engineering solutions, which provided quite engine operation and minimal maintenance.

New PACIFIC MARINER YACHTS, first of all, means great sea keeping performance. On board of such a vessel, you can overcome any obstacle and successfully find your way out of any dire situation. These are the boats made for long voyages in any type of waters.

What makes them stand out is the quiet engine work. Motor yachts of this line are almost as quiet sail boats, meaning it will suit the followers of the “green” technologies and also allow the owners to reach the shore unnoticeable.

However, the biggest advantage of these yachts is their simplicity. There is no need of servicing them daily, no need of replacing tons of spare parts and spending millions every year on maintenance. It is enough to pass regularly scheduled checkups of main nodes and gears, replace oil and filters on time on the main engines and generators.

PACIFIC MARINER – is an ideal choice for those who is looking for an affordable yacht with good performance features, comfortable cabins and easy handling.

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