PARAGON MOTOR YACHTS - in search of perfection

PARAGON MOTOR YACHTS is an American company with a head office in California. The organization immediately transferred the yacht production to Taiwan, Kaohsiung. The founder of the shipbuilding company is Scott Robinson, a captain with 25 years of experience. He is still the owner and manager of the firm. The company was founded in the early 90's. The owner was able to recruit talented people enthusiastic about the yachts.

Despite the fact that the company's vessels are built in Taiwan, the yacht designs are developed directly in the central office in the United States. The organization employs naval architects and engineers as well as designers and other professionals.

Having established the company, Scott Robinson was motivated by one goal: to build the perfect yachts. Today we can say with certainty that he has achieved what he wanted. The motor yachts of PARAGON MOTOR YACHTS are in demand by serious clients, and many shipyards look after the ships of the brand, as the ideal and the sample. The construction of the sophisticated vessels was possible due to the cooperation of experienced architects, ready to work hard on the design of each vessel, until the result will surpass expectations of the developers.

It is also worth noting the efforts of the company's founder. He began to develop the first models of ships on his own, using only a pencil and a notebook. His projects have been very successful. Today, the buyer can find on sale the yachts produced according to the very first drawings.

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