PATHFINDER BOATS - the compact custom vessels

PATHFINDER BOATS is a brand of the speedboats and motor boats that belongs to the shipyard Maverick Boat Group. The company is located in Florida, USA. PATHFINDER BOATS is quite a successful brand. The manufacturer produces the lightweight and reliable speedboats and motor boats that are ideal for fishing and recreation on the water, as the pleasure facilities and movement from one point to another.

The brand is successful at least because it produces popular models of boats. Such ships are popular not only in the US market. The boats made of polymers and fiberglass, appeal to the buyers from Europe.

Some models of the speedboats are designed for family holiday. They are roomy and have a higher level of safety. It is easy to navigate the vessels due to the new control system installed on board. The light weight of the boats ensures rapid movement in the water. The speedboats of this brand are also ideal for water sports and active recreation.

The compact models of PATHFINDER BOATS can be transported without using specialized equipment. The special trailers are used in such conditions. The boats are very convenient. The engines on the ships are hidden, so the accidents are excluded, even after falling into water.

The high level of safety and compliance with the quality standards make these vessels popular among the consumers. The speedboats and boats are easy to navigate and they do not require special storage conditions.

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