PDQ - the composite catamarans

PDQ has been a manufacturer of catamarans since 1987. The shipyard was founded in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. Excellent design, high quality and performance make the reputation of the catamarans produced by the shipyard. The vessels of this brand are made of modern materials.

In 2008, it became known that the shipyard was bought by the US-based Pearson Composites. The Pearson Composites company previously began the construction of sailboats and motor boats, and here they were interested in attracting the manufacturer of catamarans. Release of the catamarans would complement the product range of the organization.

Today PDQ is a brand of catamarans that is owned by Pearson Composites. The ships quality has not changed, the masters work according to the same technology. The manufacturer have received more opportunities to introduce the innovations - Pearson Composites can finance the tests and reviews of certain materials. The consumers will only benefit, because they get the best catamarans.

New catamarans produced by the company, have low fuel consumption. The shipyard decided to implement the eco-friendly project - to develop the vessels made of composites that would leave minimal damage. The developers succeeded, and now the customers can buy new items.

Even at high cruising speed the vessels consume little energy. This is beneficial for the owners, because they will have less to spend on filling. The multihulls have several advantages, the main advantage of these ships is large living space.

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