PEARSON - a leader in the field of fiberglass

PEARSON was a manufacturer of fiberglass sailing ships from 1956 until 1990. Pearson Yachts was founded by Clinton and Everett Pearson in a small garage, located in Seekonk, MA in 1956. The company was one of the earliest manufacturers of fiberglass sailboats. It experienced a steady increase in demand during the 1960s and 1970s by producing a wide range of sailing ships, most of which were designed by Bill Shaw. After the change of ownership during the 80s Pearson was on the verge of bankruptcy and was sold to Grumman - the company from related industry. Currently, the rights to the name and the trademark are owned by USWatercraft.

When cousins Clinton and Everett Pearson began to build the fiberglass vessels, this material has not yet been tested. They acted at their own risk. However, their daring was justified - the founders of the shipyard could create the yachts that were truly innovative for that time. In the 60-70s, when many companies just started the first experiments with fiberglass, PEARSON already had a great experience. It is not surprising that the vessels of this company have become so popular - they were even bought by the shipyards to look at the boat construction.

Already in 1961 Pearson Yachts attracted the attention of Grumman. The Grumman company was interested in getting a share in a rapidly growing company that owns the technology of work with fiberglass. Therefore, the company acquired a controlling stake in Pearson from the cousins at a time when the shipyard was on the verge of bankruptcy. Pearson Yachts received the investments that brought the company's financial stability. They continued steady growth under the auspices of Grumman, until they were bought out by TPI.

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