PEENE WERFT - the postwar shipyard

PEENE WERFT is a German shipbuilding company in Wolgast (Mecklenburg - Western Pomerania). The shipyard is located on the Peene river. Since May 2013 the organization has been a part of Bremen Lurssen.

The shipyard was founded on June 20, 1948 by the Soviet military administration. It began to build the boats, and since 1951 - the military vessels. These were the lightweight torpedo boats, submarines and amphibious ships. During the USSR period the shipyard often built not only the ships, but also produced a variety of products for national use, as well as military purposes. In the 1980s it began to produces predominantly the lightweight boats.

Since 1992, the shipyardХs owner became Hegemann Group, with its headquarters in Bremen. The shipyard was engaged in the restoration of various vessels, including the expedition ships. After 2000, the shipyard built mostly specialized multipurpose vessels and container ships.

In 2013, the company, being on the verge of bankruptcy, was bought out by Bremen Lurssen. The shipyard received the orders from the Eastern countries. For example, the company began to build the security speedboats for Saudi Arabia. The German manufacturer has gone through difficult challenges since its existence. Today, the organization has rather quiet times. The shipyard team can relax and be fully engaged in the implementation of advanced orders, because the shipbuilding company is under sound financial the protection of Bremen Lurssen.

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