PICCHIOTTI - the Italian traditions

PICCHIOTTI is an Italian brand of motor yachts. The plant has three new 70-meter storage pits, two travellifts (260 and 820 tonnes) for large yachts, two new docks. The total site area is 32,000 square meters. The shipyard belongs to the union Perini Navi Group. This organization is a world leader in the design and construction of the super-yachts.

Perini Navi Group owns two brands: Perini Navi and Picchiotti. Perini Navi is a range of sailing ships, and the Picchiotti series includes the motor yachts. The activities of association began with the production of sailing yachts. The organization currently consists of four companies acquired over the years in order to expand the production capacity and enter the new market segments.

The group of companies is operating in the following market segments: sailing yachts with a length from 40 to 60 meters (this is the core business of the company), the boats over 60 meters in length and special projects, the sailboats of Performance series, fast cruising seagoing vessels, motor yachts Picchiotti.

The Picchiotti shipyard is located in La Spezia in Italy. This region is known for its maritime traditions. There are a lot of masters and shipbuilding companies. The construction of yachts and boats in La Spezia has been carried out for many years. The Italian companies follow the traditions and produce reliable yachts, even if modern material are used for construction.

Of course, the company has a large range of the mass-produced ships. The buyer can choose any yacht and buy it directly at the shipyard or through brokers.

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