POOLE CHAFFEE - the American classics

POOLE CHAFFEE is an American shipbuilder. The company produced the yachts of aluminum in the 70-80s of the last century. The manufacturer used only proven materials and technologies for the boat construction. The yachts of this brand look ponderous and serious. Their length is greater than 30 meters.

The shipyard did not build the high-speed vessels, giving preference to the reliable ships. The hull strength and safety of the passengers were put at the forefront. Therefore, many yachts, launched by this shipyard, were bought by the organizations. They are ideal for commercial use.

However, the yachts of POOLE CHAFFEE can be used as the pleasure ones. They are also suitable for long and leisurely traveling. Cruising speed of the boats is not more than 10 knots, but they can withstand all the vagaries of nature. On board of any of these yachts you can be live for a very long time. The manufacturer has provided the ships with all facilities for the owners.

Despite the heavy design, the vessels had success, and today they are still in demand. The yachts made of durable aluminum look like new. Their classic design sometimes looks strange next to the dynamic progressive ships. But the lovers of timeless classics and reliable crafts will appreciate these vessels.

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