True masterpieces of yacht building

PRESIDENT YACHTS shipyard is a child of Eddie Yeh, who became the person with the most influence in the yachting industry of Taiwan. Having started his career building yachts in 1968, Eddie became known and obtained a lot of business contacts - from the presidents of the world powers to the legends of yacht building like Ted Hood.

PRESIDENT YACHTS’ history began when Eddie Yeh built a big dock in Taiwan, not far from Gaosuo. That allowed him to start a new manufacture, making yachts up to 150ft. long. However, they have never built a yacht that long yet. The biggest one that they have launched so far is the President 107 yacht.

Nevertheless, the PRESIDENT YACHTS is a unique yacht building manufacturer for China. It is the place where the first modern technologies of computer software yacht modeling were tested and used; it is the first company in China to receive an ISO 9001 certificate, which became a real breakthrough for the Chinese manufacturers.

The wharf and its owner, Eddie Yeh, use an individual approach to the job, in literal sense of the word – he personally meets with every client, personally finds out what it is the client needs from the project. By doing this, Eddie creates real masterpieces of the yachts. And it is not just about the mega yachts either, it is about the boats that are ideally built serve a list of purposes, whatever they might be – circumnavigation, cruises in Arctic Ocean, another boat show performance or racing events.

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