PRIVILEGE - the Italian luxury

PRIVILEGE is a shipbuilding company that is located on 12 acres in Port of Civitavecchia. The Italian manufacturer of luxury yachts began working in 1969, when the founder of the shipyard Mario La Via built the first ship. The first boat hasda length of only 18 meters.

The company has been developing over the years, gradually acquired the status of a reliable builder. The shipyard began to expand the production facilities. The organization decided to switch to the luxury megayachts. Today it offers the vessels with a length of up to 100 meters. However, they can produce the yacht of a smaller length - it all depends on the customer's wishes.

This shipyard built the vessel for Donald Trump. Later, the boat was sold, but the owner apparently was satisfied with the result. They can build the yachts with a length of 210 and 130 meters. Of course, all yachts are custom-made from scratch, so the implementation of projects takes time.

The construction of 210-meter-long yacht will take 3 years. In order to implement the project for 85 meters, you will have to spend about half the year. However, the expectation is more than compensated by an excellent result. The company builds the best luxury ships. Every detail on the ship is well-considered, the technical part of the boat is simply impeccable.

We should also say something about the design. We all know that the Italians are excellent designers. This is confirmed in practice. The PRIVILEGE vessels are ideal both inside and outside: their design has something royal, dignified and full of restrained style. In order to buy a boat, you should not wait for 2-3 years, you can just refer to the brokers.

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