Small, but significant

Looking at the marine scenery, we with no doubt, admire the giant yachts, which strike our imagination not only by its size, but also by the luxury. But the main members of the sea traffic are small, affordable and reliable boats and cruisers. It is them that allow us to enjoy our time with comfort, work productively. And in this very significant segment the leader is, with no doubt, the American company Pro-Line. In order to fully describe all the quality and trustworthiness of these boats, we don’t need to say much about its characteristics and specifications. Enough is said, by the fact, that the legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau had chosen a Pro-line boat as its assistant in numerous world voyages. Now, the Pro 24 is the exemplar of reliability, quality and speed.

The company’s operation began with fishing boats. Dedication, passion and love for the trade let the founding owners see the prospect for the fiberglass. And in a few years, the company began using this material in the boat manufacturing. The main type of boats for the market remain the fishing vessels which is why the accent is made on quality, durability and safety.

You won’t find and luxury items on board the boats and cruisers from Pro-Line, but the level of comfort is still high. Neither will you find any excessive details, but one thing you can be sure of, your voyage will be safe in any weather conditions.

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