PROWLER - the Canadian manufacturer of sports vessels

PROWLER is a range of vessels, built at the shipyard Forbes Cooper Yacht Designs. The founder of the Canadian company is Forbes Cooper. In the early 80s Forbes began building the boats under the Prowler brand. They released Prowler 10 Sundeck and Sundeck with the length of 9 and 12 meters. These boats have been sold in North America and Japan. Later, the range of sport boats Prowler has been added, they were ranging in length from 5.1 to 8 meters.

At the same time Forbes began to build the custom-made motor yachts at a nearby object. They designed and built vessels with a length of 80 to 110 feet. The company began to build the megayachts.

At the moment, Cooper Yachts is one of the largest builders of boats in Canada. The company was sold by the founder. Although Forbes stayed for some time at the helm of the organization, he realized that he needed a break, so he spent several years away from the business, relaxing on his cruising boat.

The PROWLER vessels are still in demand. Excessive demand, of course, was faded, but these boats are also bought today. The sports boats are sold very well - they are distinguished by reliability and performance. The fast and powerful PROWLER speedboats can travel long distances.

Most of the PROWLER boats can be used for recreation and water sports. This is partly why they are selling so well. Purchase of such a boat is provision yourself with a comfortable stay. You can find the PROWLER vessels at the brokers. There are the used and new models.


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