Acclaimed lightness and speed

The history of Pursuit began as many other successful stories - from one man’s enthusiasm. Leon Slykers, a Chris-Craft Wharf’s employee, began buildings boats in his garage. He tried making his yachts in such a way that they would symbolize the comfortable and safe sea voyage and recreation, making them reliable and affordable. His vision and experience allowed him to open his own boat manufacturing plant in short 5 years, in 1955.

Slykers became a pioneer in utilizing the fiberglass resin in his boat hulls. He was one of the first to realize that the boats made of wood soon enough would be left in the past and the lighter and more reliable materials would come into play. Up to this very day, Pursuit is still the leading manufacturer in small cruisers’ segment. New technologies are being implemented and the latest innovative materials are being used.

It is quite easy to recognize Pursuit yachts nowadays. Original, unique V-shaped bottom provides enough space for a comfortable pastime, notwithstanding the size. Most of the models have in common the invariable construction quality and comply with the highest standards. To prove the point, Pursuit yachts have a lot of awards to show for it. Some of awards in “Best Customer Service”, “Best show boat”, “Choice of the year” nominations have been won repeatedly by these light seagull-like boats.

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