Rampage - the gateway into the world of fishing!

The famous American utility boats manufacturer, Rampage, has been making its product for 25 years now, focusing mainly on the fishing fans of New England. The concept idea was creating versatile boats with good seakeeping abilities, for coastal voyages and occasional fishing trips. Obviously, such yachts must also be durable and comfortable enough for the family recreation.

That is the reason why words like “durability”, “comfort” and “family friendly” became as a certain motto of the company. Rampage do not only utilize the most advanced technologies in project designs, but also creatively approach to the interior planning as well.

Yachts’ cabins are made of strong fiberglass, with aluminum railings placed everywhere, and bronze fittings installed below the waterline to protect the hull from corrosion.

The hull shape itself is very recognizable - it is the famous and unique deep V- styled shape for the open seas sailing and the regular V-hull ment for the coastal waters.

The model line also includes the Rampage Sport Fishing Yachts series along with the high quality commercial fishing vessels.

Rampage is a part of the large group, along with the other two, truly big-time, world known middle-size yacht manufacturers. KCS group in its turn, including Rampage, forms a bigger International Cruisers Yachts Group. The entire corporation has been founded half a century ago in Oconto, WI.

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