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The RANGER TUGS shipyard was founded in 1958 by Dave Livingston, who still designs the vessels for the company. His son is working at the shipyard - the shipbuilding has become a family business. The company builds the speedboats and motor boats for the customers. The manufacturer is developing the mass-produced models of boats, concentrating on each individual design as long as it will not be brought to perfection.

The founder of the company once designed and tested the vessels for various companies, including Reinell, Bayliner, Wellcraft and Regal. The company studied the shipbuilding in different regions. The shipyard specialists visited the shipyards in coastal areas of Florida, Alaska, crossed the Gulf of Juan de Fuca. The shipyard masters have accumulated great experience. Today, the company has no employees that would be engaged in shipbuilding less than 15 years.

The shipyard not only designs and builds the vessels, but is also engaged in the promotion and sales of boats. The sales department of the company is very strong. The main part of the company's customers are the Americans. However, the ships are delivered to the markets of other countries. The boats of RANGER TUGS cause interest among the Europeans.

The ships are made of modern materials like fiberglass and composites. Therefore, the manufacture of the vessel is accelerating. They can build a fishing boat or a speedboat in a shortest period of time, especially when it comes to the mass-produced models. The shipyard has the ready-made hulls for the assembly of these yachts. The specialists just need to assemble the different parts of the boat.

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