Rayburn Custom Yacht

Rayburn Custom Yacht - Canadian world class quality

Rayburn Custom Yacht is the manufacturer, who has been building yachts to satisfy the strictest demands of yachting professionals for 13 years now. Rayburn Company has several model lines, including the enclosed cockpit yachts and the deep-deck, open-top yachts.

In order to achieve consistent, high quality results, the company hires only grade A professionals - engineers, designers and architects. Rayburn defines its main goal as achieving the most quality, safety and comfort for its clients. Rayburn yachts are noted for their excellent performance. It is remarkable that the fuel consumption stays moderate even in the high-speed mode.

The company’s yard is located near Missi, a town not far from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Such a location provides all the benefits of large port town with an extensive yacht building history. The high quality of Rayburn yachts, that doesn’t change with the years, is the reason for high credibility among the customers and the dealers. This allows the company to be popular not only in Canada but all over the world.

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