RMK MARINE - the Turkish shipyard

RMK MARINE was founded in 1978. The Turkish company immediately began to produce the vessels made of aluminum and steel. In the production they use the composite fibers. The shipyard is a huge site where they produce not only the custom yachts. When the company moved to Tuzla in 1984, the company began to produce the tankers and other huge ships.

The megayachts and commercial ships can also be ordered at the shipyard. One of the major projects was the tanker made of stainless steel designed for the transportation of chemicals. One of these tankers was built here in the 90's, the second one - in 2006. Since 2006, the shipyard began to build the chemical tankers on a regularly basis. Simultaneously, the company introduced its own range of superyachts. Among the superyachts built by the shipyard, the most well-known ones are Jasmin, Caressa and Cornelia.

The shipyard has also released several boats for search and rescue teams and boats for the Coast Guard. The company has won several tenders for the production of towing ships. Recently, they began to design and build the multi-purpose yachts.

The manufacturer is producing the custom-made custom and commercial vessels. The client may refer to the shipyard and order the superyacht and megayacht, as well as the speedboat or pleasure boat. The company mainly deals with the serious projects. We are talking about the large and respectable vessels. As for the superyachts, the length of each of the boats built by the shipyard, is more than 35 meters.

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