Robertson & Caine

Robertson & Caine - the sailing ships from South Africa

Robertson & Caine shipyard is working in Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa. They are building the sailing catamarans and deepwater yachts. The company produces a range of Leopard ships. Many yacht models built at this shipyard, received the well-deserved awards. One of the latest developments of the company has become a model of Leopard 48. The yacht is built on the basis of previous designs - it has been developed, improving the Leopard 44 model.

The vessels are made of composites and other advanced materials. However, they are highly reliable. Robertson&Caine proves with certainty that composites are the best material for production of the reliable watercrafts.

The catamarans, trawlers and yachts of Robertson & Caine are in demand in different countries. In particular, these boats have entered the US market. Also, the ships are ordered in Europe. The company produces the boats that comply with the international standards. They can gain the offing. The ship owners do not have any risk, sailing away from the coast. They are completely safe - the masters at the shipyard took care about it.

The shipbuilder is not satisfied with what he has already achieved, regularly releasing new models of ships. The company does not want to rest on its laurels just selling the old designs, because the shipbuilding industry is not standing still. Having seized the time, you can lose customers and reputation.

You can buy the ships under this brand through a network of dealers. The brokers also offer the boats. The buyer will find new and used vessels of this shipyard at the brokers.

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