ROYAL DENSHIP - the tradition of Hartman

ROYAL DENSHIP is a full cycle shipyard, located in the Netherlands. They are building the pleasure and expedition ships, as well as the yachts for recreation and travel. The company not only designs and builds the ships, but also sells them. People can be trained at the shipyard.

All of the luxurious ships are custom-made. The shipyard uses the latest technology and advanced materials. The yacht hulls are made of composites. It ensures the production of a luxury yacht for the shortest possible time - the experts can design it from scratch and build for 18-24 months.

The shipyard was established in 2000, when the company received its first order from a wealthy client. The customer was attracted by the modern design of the boats, the use of innovation and high standards. The shipyard is working, guided by the wishes of customers that is important. Every customer wants to receive a ship of his dreams. And the company is ready to build such a ship.

The company was founded in that place where the shipyard of Hartmann worked some time ago. This shipbuilding organization has been known since 1775. The manufacturer has accumulated a lot of experience and was able to develop its shipbuilding technology. Royal Denship used the achievements of this famous shipyard that has gone down in history. The Dutch company continues the traditions of the shipyard of Hartmann.

The manufacturer offers a wide range of classic motor yachts, expedition ships, armored boats and even sailboats. Each model is built using the modern equipment.

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