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Silverton Marine company was founded in 1969 by two brothers: John and Warren Luhrs. From the very start, the two brothers tried to achieve the maximum perfection in their yachts’ design and finish. They didn’t spare any money - investments in the design and technologies were made on the regular basis.

Everything in the company is top-of-the-notch: design, projects, materials and even the computer software. As the result, Silverton has become a trend-setting manufacturer for the entire middle-size yacht world with their high level of execution and customer service.

The company employs very famous designers and even psychologists, whose job is to monitor new buying habits and ever changing customers’ needs, resulting in regularly renewed and upgraded models.

The upgrades appear almost annually, based on regular clients’ surveys, after which no suggestion goes unnoticed.

In 2006, 5 new models came out that were basically improvements from previous versions, almost entirely built based on the customers’ suggestions. They are still being updated to this very day. Among those new models is the Silverton Convertible motor yacht and Flybridge Yacht series. There are yachts made in every modification and style so that every customer will find the one that suits them best.

If you are looking for a yacht to really satisfy your every need- choose Silverton Marine.

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