In the middle of innovations and the luxury

In 2008, Gentech Ltd. Company has founded a new division aimed at manufacturing of modern mega yachts. The project was named “Soraya Yachts” and that was how the history of relatively young brand started.

Staying under the wing of Gentech Ltd., which is dealing with real estate, business aviation, management and even fashion, Soraya Yachts became well known over a few years. The head-quarters of the company is located in Vaduz, Lichtenstein, while the main office is in Slovenia, on the territory, belonging to Gentech Ltd. The actual wharfs, where the building of superyachts is taking place are situated near Antalya, Turkey.

They success of the brand is determined not only by the help of the world known corporation, but also by close cooperation with international professionals in the field of yacht building. World-known engineers and designers take active part in designing and constructing of every vessel and the results speak for themselves. The first Soraya Yachts motor yacht – Soraya 46- combined in itself innovations, style and modern design. Semi-displacement vessel became a true embodiment of the team’s professionalism. The second one, Soraya 70, received world-wide acknowledgment.

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