Trinity Yachts - a legendary manufacturer!

Trinity Yachts manufacturing company is located in the heart of New Orleans and is truly a legend among the yacht builders. A long time ago it was just a small boatyard whose history wasn’t any different from hundreds of other similar companies, before three professionals took matters into their own hands. They were: John Dane, Felix Sabbits and Billy Smith. All three of them had already been employed and were occupying top management positions at other shipbuilding companies. Felix was even the owner of one, so it is not surprising that Trinity started at the level that takes most companies decades to reach.

Trinity Yachts began manufacturing exclusive luxury yachts over 100 feet in length. High skill, experience and the latest technological developments, including the ones used by the US Navy, helped them to succeed in their ambitious endeavour.

In 1995, Trinity Yachts merged with Felix's Victory Lane Enterprises, which brought to life a really revolutionary motor yacht, a yacht for the new millennium. We are talking about a 150 ft. mega yacht called MAGIC, which was built in 1997. It is an all-around great yacht, from noise-proofed living space to its very seakeeping properties. Many yachtsmen still speak admiringly about this beauty and consider it to be the model exemplar of what a yacht should be like. That is not going to change any time soon.

Starting from that historical year of 1997, the company began putting its masterpieces up for the special Fort Lauderdale/ Trinity Yachts Boat Show. Nowadays, representatives from the best world yacht manufacturing companies gather there annually to look at and discuss the new Trinity models.

Among those world famous boats is the 118 ft. Marsha Kay yacht, the 184 ft. Panjaea explorer yacht, the 126 ft. Marlena sport fisher, the 156 ft. Themis motor yacht and of course the 118 ft. Chevy Toy; that’s not even the whole list!

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