Online mode thousands of miles away from shore

VIAREGGIO SUPERYACHTS is relatively young company, but it already has taken its niche in the yachting industry. The wharf was founded in 2004. Since then, thanks to close collaboration with famous designer Aspen Yono and Kongberg Maritime Company, working in the field of automatic systems, the brand became widely known and popular with the yacht fans from all over the world.

At VIAREGGIO SUPERYACHTS, the ideas concerning the building of truly innovative next generation yachts, with qualitative difference from the traditional yachts, get brought to life. And it is quite obvious not only from the exterior design, but also from the functionality of each yacht. Namely, it was VSY who invented and installed new helipads for the vessels over 72 meters long. Another invention – is the “board to shore” system, allowing online communication with tech support, even when the yacht is hundred miles away from shore.

It is hard to speak of traditions in the company that is so young in yacht industry terms, but still, VIAREGGIO SUPERYACHTS have their own principles of conducting business, which will definitely become their calling card in the future. One should also mention the entirely individual approach to every client and every new yacht, inventing and launching of the new concepts, their work on raising the comfort level of the user-end parts of the yacht.

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