Combining the drive for comfort and sport

In the world of yacht building one can see a lot of projects, which were created as a result of collaboration of two corporations, of group of engineers and designers, of wharf and modern systems developing company. More rarely you can see results from two competitor working together, side by side in the field of yacht construction. But one of those rare exceptions is the VIKING SPORT CRUISERS brand, which two giants of the industry have been working on– VIKING and PRINCESS YACHTS INTERNATIONAL. For sole purpose of working on the new project the two competitors have formed a strategic alliance and were able of breaking through on to the American yacht market. And how justified that was!

Excellent quality of finish, ideal body shape, great speed, modern electronic systems, working even under a lot of strain, absolute safety in exploitation - this is how the result of this alliance, the VIKING SPORT CRUISERS can be described. Sporty, meaning fast and agile, light, extremely comfortable and easily handled, these motor yachts are an ideal match even for the demanding American consumers, used to having comfort everywhere.

The brand became known in 1996, when their first yacht was launched, and it stays popular to this very day. These yachts are affordable and will make their owners happy with its speed, comfort and low cost of maintenance.

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