Yachts for Sale in the Caribbean

Antigua and Barbuda, a little island country positioned precisely where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet, falls under the influence of Great Britain, and has a very tiny population. Where it lacks in square mileage, it definitely makes up for in warmth and beauty, and its close proximity to the United States makes it a very favorable location for yachting. Certain economic and political exemptions have made life in this country quite comfortable, offering a strong pulse on the market for Yachts for Sale in the Caribbean in its entirety.

The yachting industry is untapped in this region and has huge potential for growth and stability. As a matter of fact, currently there aren't any builders present in this location, and most of their income stems from tourism, offshore and online businesses, machinery and agriculture. Nevertheless, its Caribbean charm makes it a place of interest and attraction for many.

Antigua and Barbuda: Yachts for Sale in the Caribbean

This region inhabits some 86,000 islanders and is home to more than 1,000 boats, primarily American. There are sailing and motor yachts of all types in this region and many are available for purchase on our website. Also, the charter/rental market for Yachts for Sale in the Caribbean in Antigua is booming, and offers vessels ranging from the elite "mega yachts," to smaller fishing and cruising vessels and jetties, as well. The process is as easy as renting a car, requiring only a valid boating license. If you don't have one, not a big deal! On this island and neighboring islands, chartering a yacht with crew is readily available.

These islanders pride themselves on their hard work and preparation that go into each of their year round festivals that truly represent the charm and hospitality offered here. Everyone gets involved in these spectacular events that are drenched with beautiful colors, music and delicious island cuisine. As an example, Annual Sailing Week, hosted by the Antigua Yacht Club, is a world class event with a huge annual turnout.

Atlantic Yacht and Ship: Yachts for Sale in the Caribbean

These islands are perfect for vacationers in need of an inviting climate and gorgeous surroundings, though due to a limited selection of yachts for sale, may not be the perfect choice for Yachts for Sale in the Caribbean. No matter what your travel plans are, you can be sure to find plenty to see, from the plethora of historical sights to the beautiful nature and wildlife that Barbuda is rich in.

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