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For the last few years in a row, Germany has held seventh and eighth place in the world for overall number of ships built, including the great German Yacht. Impressively, this former country of the Third Reich, divided in the past and having endured great turbulence, was able to break through to leading industry positions thanks to the famous German precision and pedantry.

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The German Yacht market is overwhelming. In order to buy a German yacht, a visa or passport is not required, due to the fact that European ports are frequently visited by yachts with accompanying brokers and dealers aboard. Approximately 350 companies are involved in the German shipbuilding industry, and millions of employees fill these workplaces with plenty of room for more. For here, you will find state of the art designs and engineering, hulls of steel and composite material being produced in great numbers, and all types of motor and sailing yachts being built.

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Selling a German Yacht is nothing out of the ordinary. Even when venturing far from the North Sea, you will still find easily accessible dockage. You will also not meet with any complications when transporting the yacht to your destination from the point of purchase. There are several reasons for this, with the first being the highly developed river navigation. There are many rivers suitable for navigating, with the largest of them being Rein, Dunai and Elba. They are interconnected via canals facilitating quick transportation to the open sea. The second is the exit to the Baltic Sea. Germany borders the North Sea, a seamless route to the Baltic Sea, leaving only the navigation to your home country. In the event that you decide to take a naval voyage, you can venture off as far as the Atlantic Ocean while cruising along the coastline. The third reason is the vast selection of yachts. Here you can find anything from compact sailing yachts ideal for small rivers, to the serious ships that are capable of withstanding a transatlantic trip. Boats for warmer tropical climates are also built here, as well as yachts intended for the severe arctic seas. In order for you to fully appreciate all the variety of yacht choices in Germany, you don't necessarily have to wait for the next boat show. Simply browse our website, and you will find a wide selection of German Yacht for sale.

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