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Grenada Yachting is a very important business for the Grenadian people. Like the other island countries, Grenada lives off tourism and offshore business income, drawing attention to a more than adequate amount of "well-to-do" folk. A key ingredient to this attraction is the convenient geographical location; Grenada and the Grenadines are nestled to the south of the Antilles with access to the entire West Indies. A person having purchased a Grenada Yacht would open their travel itinerary up to the entire Caribbean Sea and all its islands, as well as South America (there're only 150 km separating Grenada from Venezuela) and even North America. This region is a favorable choice for keeping a Grenada Yacht. The wonderful climate is a very attractive factor. As on other tropical islands, there are dry seasons and rainy seasons, but no storms or hurricanes as on the east coast of South America. The weather is very kind to travelers all year round, but it is best to visit during the winter months, November through April. One thing is fair to mention; you shouldn't feel all that relaxed, because this island is surrounded by coral reefs that need to be avoided with great caution.

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Even with the absence of shipyards on the island, Grenada can be proud of its prolific Grenada yachting market. Selling Grenada yachts is a very popular business. In most cases, you can buy a sailboat, motor boat, and even a catamaran from private owners. Grenada Yacht clubs and docks are plentiful, and even during the peak of the tourist season, it is possible to find a spot at a local marina. Charting is also very popular. In the event you are unable to find a Grenada yacht for sale (prices here can be most indecent), you can always find one for rent or charter. Practically every marina will allow rental or charter of a Grenada Yacht with or without a captain and crew.

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Not far from Grenada, there are regularly held annual boat shows and exhibitions. The islands are full of interesting places to see and immense opportunities for divers. Other than the coral reefs, this is basically a safe place to navigate local waters with your Grenada Yacht.

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