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At first glance, India appears to be a third-world country. This is not at all the case, in that India is rich in natural resources, coupled with a technologically developed industry base and immense territories. It is quite possible that it will become a superpower in the nearest future, overthrowing China from its throne. The India of today is home to numerous factories, plants, companies, cities with millions of people, and is located on the coast of the Indian Ocean. It is a comfortable and well-developed tourist region, presenting endless opportunities for not only the common traveler, but also for the Indian Yacht voyager, as well.

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India is home to one of the largest players in the Indian yachting industry, ABG Shipyard, and sales and chartering are mature industries in this region. Chartering is extremely popular, and the market is saturated with domestic and imported Indian yachts and boats. Business is booming, with many new Indian yachts awaiting their owners at local marinas and docks. While many are fabricated in China, and there is also a large selection of pre-owned by all of the famous foreign manufacturers. Quite simply, India welcomes you with one of the widest selection of Indian yachts in the industry. As in other countries of southern Asia, there is a vast presence of motor boats. The advantages that this type of boat offers have long been appreciated in China, Indonesia and India itself; however, there is also a wide variety of sailboats, too. Sailing Indian yachts have traditionally been used by the Hindus and Europeans alike. It should also be known that sailboats made up the largest part of the naval fleet in India before the 1950's.

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There are also Indian Yacht regattas, boat shows and exhibitions held in this region. As one of the industry giants, India has been attracting foreign investors from all over the world, many who have actually built their own shipyards here, a process not only beneficial to India's industrialization, but for the entire Indian Yacht market, as well. You can buy an Indian Yacht for a relatively low price, but that is not the only advantage of the local market - come and find out for yourself!

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