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When one thinks of the country called "Ireland", there are several things that normally come to mind; it is a lush, green island, part of Great Britain, and an independent state. All of the aforementioned would be correct. Ireland is, in fact, a beautiful, lush and green island, and by the very same name, is divided into two regions: the independent Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which remains part of the United Kingdom to date. When referring to the Republic, it should be known that Yachts for Sale Ireland is not at all pleasing or impressive, with very limited choices in Irish yacht manufacturers. Shipyards are scarce and unknown to most, and their primarily focus is on development of their informational technology industry. In contrast, Northern Ireland is home to some world renowned ship building facilities and yards, one of which is Harland & Wolff Ltd. located in Belfast. As a matter of fact, it was here where the infamous "Titanic" was launched.

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There is an interest in the Yachts for Sale Ireland on both sides of Ireland - the independent part and the British part. There plenty of rivers and lakes on the island, local Irish yachting is a popular pastime and the demand for modestly sized boats is high. Sailing Irish yachts, as in most of Europe, are favored by the Irish as evidenced by their popularity, and the same can be said about motor Irish yachts, as well. Despite a very mild climate and close proximity to the Gulfstream, there are not many fiberglass and composite-made Irish yachts here. The need to travel in northern waters forces the local seamen to lean towards hulls made of steel and wood. New construction Irish yachts are a rarity, mostly smaller boats and tenders. If you are interested in buying Yachts for Sale Ireland for a nominal price, you should consider pre-owned, the perfect choice for anyone wanting immediate availability on an Irish yacht from this region.

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Purchasing Yachts for Sale Ireland directly from the shipyard would be an option in two cases: you intend to purchase a very small boat or tender, or are agreeable to being placed on a lengthy waiting list. The later choice will bring additional expenses, but the end result will be worth your while; Irish yachts are often tailor-made for each buyer.

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