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The Italians love their sea and especially beautiful Italian Yachts. Long passed are the times when Italy was associated with Venice or Rome. It has become a proverbial Mecca for those dreaming of a luxurious and expensive boat. Italy has been setting trends in the Italian yachting world and, at the same time, has been following its own special road to success. Needless to say, Italian yachts are a certain hallmark and are distinguished by everyone - you can tell an Italian-made boat by the sophisticated lines, thorough detailing, and rich materials used in the interior design. Their love of finesse, glamour and attraction to glossy shiny things remain the distinguishing features of Italian craftsmanship.

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The Italian Yachts market in Italy is indeed mind blowing. It is the largest trading place in the world, surpassing such industry giants as China and the United states by its huge demand. The reason for this cannot be attributed exclusively to the enormous number of Italian Yachts manufacturing companies that have been around for centuries known to everyone in world, but to their rather creative and productive advertising campaigns. People come here from all the corners of the world to buy an Italian Yacht. Despite the fact that this is certainly not the place to save money, also taking into consideration the commissions and brokers' service fees involved, it is abundantly clear that what drives the serious buyer to purchase in Italy is the vast selection of watercrafts available.

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Italy is widely known for its sophisticated design. Many Italian designers can be found in some of the largest international shipyards, creating exclusive masterpieces of design seen all over the world. As a matter of fact, the uniqueness of shape and exterior appearance has been the attracting factor for a multitude of successful Italian yacht owners. In any of the numerous ports in Italy you can find hundreds of previously owned vessels, along with brand new models, as well. For a buyer with serious intent to purchase a pre-owned Italian yacht, finding a diamond in the rough would be easy to accomplish, and some come with an unimaginably rich history.

When Italian yacht designers create their exclusive product, they typically pay close attention to the technical side, as well. Though Italy can be credited with some incredibly ingenious inventions, it should be noted that most Italian Yachts are equipped with electronic systems and engines from Japan, Europe and America. The future owner shouldn't be concerned by this fact, because such a vessel would be a fine combination of design, engineering, modern technological advancements and perfectly built to international standards. Most Italian Yachts crafted in Italy are specially planned, individual projects, and realizations of custom-made designs. This is the pillar on which the Italian yacht market rests upon.

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