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In some parts of the world (including Russia), people refer to the Netherlands as "Holland", which is not etirelyly correct. Only two regions in "The Kingdom" have the right to be called "Holland", but these very two are also responsible for the world finding out about the Dutch shipyards and their fleet. Today, it is hard to imagine that, in the past, the Netherlands used to make up a small strip of the North Sea coast, and competed with the British Empire and Spanish Conquistadors. At some point, they were able to capture and claim several islands in the New World. All of this became possible due to an advanced network of shipbuilding wharfs, docks and ports, ultimately building the notably impressive fleet of Dutch Yachts.

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Even today, the Netherlands holds one of the top positions in the world in the overall number of the Dutch Yachts built, and the enormity of Dutch yacht turnover in this country. There are over one hundred shipbuilding and repair facilities in this region. Each brand has its own notoriety, and its own specialty, though each united by one common factor; the fact that they are all born in the severe waters of the North Sea, creating the capability of withstanding even the most challenging events brought on by nature.

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Buying Dutch Yachts in the Netherlands should be interesting for people who want to wander the waters of the northern region. You won't be able to buy an "icebreaker", but what you will find is a selection of vessels that can take hits from the treacherous ice flow, ones that can dock to the Antarctic shoreline if need be. The price range is all over the board, with Dutch megayachts capable of surpassing the Italian super boats, sturdy trawlers and cruise ships, as well as small cruisers and sailboats suitable for the most avid Dutch yachting fan. You don't have to wait until the next boat show to buy a Dutch yacht in the Netherlands. Simply visit any port and you will encounter a huge selection of boats for sea or river navigation. You should definitely attend a boat show in the event that you are buying your very first boat and are having complications in choosing the right make and price. Much time will be spared by addressing the manufacturers directly or through the assistance of a qualified Dutch yacht broker, who can also assist in locating a pre-owned vessel to your exact specifications and requirements.

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