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This vast country of mountains, glaciers and fiords, washed by the North, Barents and Norwegian seas, appeals only to those that appreciate the harsh climates and challenging conditions, but also for the professional yachtsmen. While competing with the Netherlands and Great Britain, Norway met with great difficulty in getting a "step up" into the Norwegian yacht market, and as of the early 1950's, the country's ship manufacturing had still not been updated. This northern country needed nearly 40 years to make its mark in the world's shipbuilding industry, a time period clearly well-worth the wait. The Norway of today constructs very complex, expensive, "one-of-a-kind" vessels that can be compared to no others in the world.

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Selling Norwegian Yachts is a business mainly for the large manufacturing companies whose plants are located in the "industrial cluster" located at the coast between Trøndelag and Rogaland. Such a geographical and physical union turned out to be a very wise decision; the competitive factor was eliminated, and they were able to assist each other in sharing valuable technologies and many other facets of the process. This strengthened Norwegian shipyards, making them capable of organizing a scientifically challenging and unique manufacturing process in its entirety. Today, they are making large capacity trawlers, oil platforms and tankers, cruise ships, ferries and other similar types of commercial vessels.

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Unfortunately for the Norwegian yacht fans, these large factories have nothing to offer, thought the possibility of purchasing a Norwegian yacht in Norway still remains. Some smaller wharfs in this region specialize in fishing vessels equipped to navigate not only the coastal waters but the oceans, as well. The smaller yards use the very same innovations created at the larger shipbuilding docks, adding and improving their own technologies aimed at increasing the level of safety and comfort while onboard. The result is obvious; the Norwegian market is drenched with professional watercrafts, including whale hunting boats capable of withstanding the severest of climates without risking life. They have absolutely no competition in the world when it comes to this part of the industry. Contact us today to get a hold of one of our Norwegian Yachts.

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