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Slovenia is considered a naval state despite its short coastline. The Adriatic Sea, which washes the country from the west, allows direct access to the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Slovenia also has very advanced domestic navigation. Through its territories run the Drava and Sava rivers, the two tributaries of the Danube River and several large lakes. It is possible to travel down the Danube River basin and even cross all of Europe. Get one of the many Slovenia Yacht listings today.

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The Slovenian economy is in good shape, which is not that surprising being that, as part of the European Union, Slovenia has all of the means required to develop their economy, including manufacturing and agriculture. Among the most famous yacht manufacturers in this region are Shipman and Elan Marine. There are, however, some unfortunate events in this sector, as well, with a manufacturing company called Seaway Yachts recently announcing bankruptcy; however, as a whole, the Slovenian yacht market is strong and doing well.

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Many Slovenia Yacht deals take place within Slovenian borders, and there are some manufactured boats are available for export, while others are being used primarily by local yacht owners. Yachts sold here also include the foreign models: Italian, French, German and British. In some of the river ports, you will see boats from Germany, along with Japanese jet boats and small cruisers. While out at sea, you will commonly encounter yachts from France and Japan.

Yachts for sale are typically modest in price, and even the new stock is more attractive pricewise when compared to yachts from Italy or England. There are many sailboats, too; the Adriatic draws sailing fans from all over the world. Motor yachts are popular, as well. If you are in the market for a pre-owned yacht, it is probably best to search your options from your home country. The Slovenian market is not that abundant, and you are running the risk of not finding what you want in a timely fashion. Researching Slovenia Yacht listings, with the help of a yacht broker, will narrow the choices, and help you choose a yacht that meets all of your requirements. A yacht broker will also protect your interest, and insure that all required paperwork and documentation is done correctly. Upon locating the right boat, now is the time to visit Slovenia to inspect your potential purchase.

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