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Owning a yacht in Uruguay has a ton of advantages. Uruguay is often called the Hispanic Switzerland and there is a good reason for this. It has the most stable economy on the entire continent, and the income is basically equally disbursed among all of their people. Manufacturing and agriculture are the main sources of income for the country, with tourism and banking in their beginning stages of development. Water transportation has not yet become as popular as land transportation, as evidenced by their fleet consisting of approximately 10 vessels. But amateur and professional boating is quite a different story.

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It is very surprising that this is one of the few countries where children can take their first steps in a hobby not affordable for most grown people with a medium income, absolutely free of charge. The adults have their own thriving yacht market, as well, including docks and marinas, service companies and yacht sales. Here, you can buy a motor or sailing yacht, a fishing boat or full-size cruise ship, but, more than likely, it will be pre-owned or an import. Owning a yacht in Uruguay is a great way to set yourself apart.

Uruguay can take pride in the quality and fair prices found in their service industries, as well the cost of the vessels themselves. A superyacht is somewhat of a rarity here, simply because the locals lack flashiness and tend to prefer the more modest boats. But purchasing a yacht in Uruguay is a smooth process. In addition, tourism has not reached its peak in development, which means that the docks still have plenty of empty space.

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Uruguay would be a good choice of countries to move to. If you want more than simply purchasing a yacht in Uruguay and then taking long flights each year just to navigate in the Atlantic Ocean, but are also planning on dedicating your life to boating, the choice in favor of this country will definitely be the right one. So many positive attributes strongly distinguish Uruguay from other Latin American countries: low crime level, warm subtropical climate, short winters, long summers, as well as economic and political stability. In our opinion there is no better place for keeping a yacht than Uruguay.

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