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Venezuela has a very favorable geographical location that exits into the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, with close proximity to the Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Northern America, making it very a convenient place for any yacht in Venezuela and its owner. Unlike Brazil, whose coast is continuously plagued with gales and storms, voyagers on yachts in Venezuela can enjoy the beautiful climate and weather this country has to offer. There are many bays and ports in this region, as well.

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Considering the fairly low cost of living in Venezuela, a yachtsman can count on some pleasing prices on professional upkeep: the yacht in Venezuela will be kept safe awaiting your return, and fueled and repaired, if need be. The yachting industry in Venezuela is well-developed. Occasionally, you will see large superyachts that have come from the United States or Europe, and more common are the smaller sailboats and tenders. Many of the full-sized yachts for sale are pre-owned, and new yachts are scarce due to many potential owners not viewing Venezuela as a good country for a new yacht purchase.

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There are no world-renowned yacht manufacturers that Venezuela can boast about, and foreign-made Venezuelan yachts are as abundant as local fishing boats. There are shipyards built for the sole purpose of caring for professional ships. Periodic boat shows are held near Venezuelan ports and they are well-worth visiting, for here you will get a chance to travel and network with some incredible people with a very common interest - boating. Being so close to Northern America definitely has its benefits. It is even possible to reach the Florida coast with its abundance of festivals and shows. When compared to the Brazilian coast, here in Venezuela, you can buy a yacht of any size, and easily and safely take a grandiose trip with a vessel no larger than 50 ft; however, in all fairness, you will need a much larger vessel to cross the Atlantic.

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