Steel Yachts

A steel yacht is an excellent choice if safety on the voyage is your priority. Steel is highly durable and capable of withstanding collisions and breaches.

The price.

The price for a steel hull depends on its size and processing method. Up to a certain point in the history of production, manufacturers had to use thick sheets of steel to prevent the hull from corroding. Corrosion became the main reason why most of the yacht-building companies refrained from using steel. Modern processing, or rather finishing technologies, makes it possible to use less of the metal. However, that fact doesn’t reflect much in the cost. The steel treatment sometimes costs as much as the metal itself.

Due to certain peculiar properties of metal, more time is required in the construction of a steel hull than that of an aluminum or plastic hull. That drives the price for a steel yacht even higher.

Manufacturing Process and the Net Cost.

The net cost includes:

  • the cost of the project design (no different from any other type of yacht)
  • the price of the main material (steel costs about the same as aluminum)
  • Parts and assembly costs

The latter is what makes the yacht more or less expensive. In order to put together a hull that is waterproof and strong enough, it takes a lot of time and effort. On top of that, the larger the boat, the higher the price, which tends to go up in geometrical progression. Thus, a 14-meter yacht will take about a year to complete, while a 10-meter yacht takes about half the time. The price difference will be twice as much. It is possible that because of this, you don’t see a lot of superyachts made of steel (they comprise only 7% of total yachts produced). High building cost is also explained by the fact that one cannot just start mass-producing such yachts as every hull is welded manually.

Performance and Safety Features.

As surprising as it may seem, the steel yachts are still your best choice. The durability of the sheet of metal makes the vessel impenetrable and almost unsinkable. An encounter with an obstacle for a plastic or an aluminum yacht may end up in a tear; as for a steel yacht, the worst that can happen is a dent. All you need to do is to level it out. You may even be able to reach the shore or continue your travel with a hole.

One thing is for sure – if you’re going to travel dangerous routes, the steel yacht is your best bet. You can even take it to any of the northern seas – the ice likely won’t harm your vessel, let alone sink it. The same goes for operating your steel yacht in the areas with heavy traffic such as ports, bays or rivers.

It may be considered that a steel yacht weighs too much due to the weight of the metal itself. Usually that is not the case. It may outweigh an aluminum or a wooden yacht only by a few kilos. Manufacturers have long learned how to make the metal sheets fairly thin. Be it as it may, the steel yacht remains on top of the weight chart. In case you prefer maneuverability and speed to ruggedness, then plastic and aluminum are your first materials to consider.

Refurbishing Value.

In case you do need to repair a hole in the body of a steel boat, you will need less time than you would on repairing an aluminum or a plastic one. Some owners prefer to patch up their yachts themselves, others trust the professionals. In any case for a steel yacht, all you would need is a simple welding torch or dent leveling equipment and it will be as good as new. The same can’t be said about the fiberglass-reinforced plastic yacht. To repair such a boat you would need to send it to a special servicing company or more than likely, back to the manufacturer.

Steel Yachts for Sale

When looking for steel yachts for sale it is important to deal with a fully licensed and bonded yacht dealer with extensive experience that knows their way around the yacht industry both nationally and worldwide.

Atlantic Yacht’s specializes in yachts with yacht hull construction consisting of steel, aluminum, fiberglass and plastic, and wood. Our current stock of steel yachts for sale includes these brands: Bering Yachts, Lurssen, Dunya, Mondo Marine, Holland Super Yachts, Sunrise 2018 (keel laid in 2015), VSY, Balietto, Cosmo Explorer, Codecassa, Feadship, INACE, ADMIRAL and more.

Steel Yacht for Sale

Whether you are looking for a steel yacht for sale or to purchase a steel yacht, Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc. is your number one choice for yacht brokers in the U.S. and abroad. We have been in business since 1959 and have sold over 200 yachts worldwide. As a full service yacht broker we have the capability to handle more than just the sales process. We also provide legal support, financing, insurance and even professional yacht maintenance.

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