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Cruisers are small yachts, or motor boats who is length does not exceed 6-10 meters. These are simple, comfortable inexpensive vessels for family recreation, travel and peaceful fishing.

A yacht of this type is best suited for married couples. Cruisers are an ideal solution for an unskilled seaman, who is not yet ready to spend a lot of money on a bigger yacht, but wants to take lengthy sea voyages, lasting more than one day.

Cruisers are usually built to include such amenities as galley, cabin and bathroom. There are several cruiser types: sedans, coupes, express cruisers, tour-boats and sport cruisers.

“Sedans” are yachts with a full size deckhouse, a cabin, a bathroom and a galley.

“Sport cruisers” are speed boats without a deckhouse construction, with half a cabin inside the hull.

“Express” type is a hybrid of “sport” and “sedan”, whereas “tour-boats” is the name for big size cruisers, intended for long voyages.

Cruisers are a great choice for those who prefer speed, love travelling and fishing, comfortable and cozy cabins, where you can sit out of the weather and a fairly powerful engine - these are the main features of these yachts.

Our yacht broker will help you make the right decision. We have all types of cruisers in a wide price and size range.

Cruiser Yachts

Cruiser Yachts come in different shapes and sizes and choosing the right cruiser for your travels or entertainment can sometimes be a hard decision to make on your own. An experienced yacht broker will be able to help you make the right choice and will assist you through each step of the process from start to finish. At Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc., we have over 50 years of experience helping our clients, purchase, sell and charter every type of luxury yacht imaginable both domestically and abroad.

Cruiser Yachts for Sale

Beginning with helping you select the right cruiser yacht down to: yacht registration, insurance, fuel docking expenses, equipment costs, financing, certifications and even the payment of salaried crewmembers, we have you covered.

Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc., has a full inventory of over 1,000 new and preowned cruiser yachts for sale with brands like: Baia, Riva, Permare, Sunseeker, Viking, Offshore, Zeelander Yachts, Franck Muller Yachts, and more.

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