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A Deck boat is a small size pleasure yacht with single or multiple decks located at the stern or the bow of the hull. These boats are intended for fun pass-time, like barbeque and diving. Swimming decks are equipped with special ladders - fixed or folding, more often retractable.

Lounge decks are the place for deck chairs, tables and other furniture and even a mini-bar.

Deck boats - are light, beautiful and comfortable recreational motor yachts intended for lounging in the open air. There are no cabins or other living rooms.

Deck boats are a perfect alternative for fishing enthusiasts, swimming and scuba-diving fans and other sea sports devotees. Here you can enjoy your weekends, without going too far off shore. Deck boats will perform nicely on rivers and lakes.

People going into the tourism business should consider buying a deck boat as they would be in great demand by the customers – These boats are convenient for setting up for a two or three hour boat ride.

The boat’s size, functional options and design play a decisive role, unlike such parameters like engine power or maximum speed capabilities.

In order to help you choose the perfect deck boat for your purposes and buy it at a good price we are offering services through our yacht broker.

When looking for deck boats for sale it is important to deal with a fully licensed and bonded yacht or boat dealer with that knows their way around the boat and yacht industry.

Atlantic Yacht’s specializes in deck boats with single or multiple decks. Deck boats typically have ample seating space and are the perfect family boat - They may be used for a variety of recreational purposes such as diving, swimming, wakeboarding, waterskiing, tubing, fishing, and other fun activities.

Our current stock of deck boats includes these brands: Chaparral, Colbalt, SHIVASANA, CHAMPS, Bowrider, Regal, Hurricane, and more.

Deck Boats

Whether you are looking to purchase a deck boat, or you wish to sell your own deck boat, Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc. is your number one choice for yacht and boat brokers in the U.S. and abroad. In business since 1959, we have sold over 200 yachts worldwide. As a full service yacht and boat broker we have the capability to handle more than just the sales process. We also provide legal support, financing, insurance and will even assist you through the negotiation process.

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